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Accelerated Early Learning Program & Enrichment Classes

Welcome to the Village

Fort Lee

Welcome to The Village, a nurturing space where parents and caretakers actively participate in their child's comprehensive growth. Our holistic learning journey commences with Mini & Me Classes, fostering socialization and exploration in our Montessori-styled play area, Edgewater is ideal for kids from a few months old to 3 years old, Fort Lee is ideal for ages 2.5 to 6. Parents often opt for Mini & Me Memberships or Unlimited Play Memberships, enhancing their engagement in our community.

As children progress, our Learn & Grow Program, starting at age 2, offers individualized accelerated academics in small-group settings. For families who require longer school days, they can still access our sports, academic enrichment, events, camps, and date night programs. Additionally, our clean, secure playspace is perfect for private birthday parties and playdates, catered for kids aged 0-6.

Join us at The Village for a vibrant and supportive environment dedicated to your child's development.

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Learn and Grow at The Village is a cutting-edge, five-year accelerated early education program aimed at empowering children to excel beyond traditional expectations. We believe in the immense capabilities of young minds and their potential to achieve critical foundation skills at an accelerated pace.

Our mission is to cultivate a love for learning, foster critical thinking, and instill advanced academic skills from an early age, providing children with a significant head start in their educational journey, and ensuring they leave our program at least one grade level ahead of their peers.

The Village Learn & Grow program was envisioned and developed by our co-founder Dana, a seasoned and triple-certified educator with a double master's in education. Born during the COVID era, this program grew in response to the increasing demand for effective learning pods and developed into an accelerated learning opportunity for children in the North Jersey area.

Collaborating with a team of certified educators who share the belief in research-based approaches and small-group instruction, Dana shaped this program to foster highly successful outcomes for children in Bergen County whose families strive for personalized academic opportunities.

Our passionate team of Village educators receives regular training and support to stay abreast of the latest research-based teaching methodologies. Their flexibility in scheduling, a rare opportunity in education, ensures they bring enthusiasm and energy to each day, fostering an engaging and dynamic learning experience for every child. Our ultimate goal is not solely academic achievement but also the holistic development of each child, fostering curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.

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Membership or Drop-in options

Join our membership or choose to drop into one of our developmental Mini & Me classes.

2-hour play sessions for $25

Register for a timeslot and come anytime during your two-hour session and enjoy an immaculate play space for parents and & kids.

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Small-Group Classes

Register your child for Gentle Separation classes starting at age 2, language classes, academic enrichment, and more!

Class and Play Memberships are available

Join our memberships or choose to drop into classes and play.

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Customize Birthday Party Options Starting at $350

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Development Programs

Register your little for our development-based language arts literacy program geared towards

the ages between 2 and 6.

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About The Village

Hey there, parents, welcome to your Village! Our Montessori-styled play cafe in Fort Lee, NJ is the perfect solution for modern parents who want to bond with their kids in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Our play space is clean, safe, and totally chic - perfect for your little ones to have a blast with open play. Plus, we offer private children's parties and development-focused classes for mommy and me, toddlers, and drop-off sessions taught by passionate, knowledgeable educators.

Interested in buying toys? we have a great selection of non-toxic and sustainable options that have been carefully selected by our own educator and designer. Quality and peace of mind? Check and check.

The Village is the perfect place for you and your child to laugh, play, and learn together!

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